Adunarea generala a reprezentantilor - 25.04.2017
01 Aug 2017 06:14 - Super User

La sediul asociatiei in data de 25.04.2017 a avut loc adunarea generala a reprezentantilor adunarii  [ ... ]

Festivalul berii in Satu Mare
01 Aug 2017 06:11 - Super User

Asociatia Camera Mestesugarilor, in colaborare cu Asociatia Economica Germano Romana este implicata  [ ... ]

Curs de inspector in domeniul securitatii si sanat...
01 Aug 2017 06:10 - Super User

Asociatia Camera Mestesugarilor organizeaza curs de inspector in domeniul securitatii si sanatatii i [ ... ]

Misiune economica in Ukraina
01 Aug 2017 06:10 - Super User

Impreuna cu Asociatia economica romano-germana (DRW) Camera Mestesugarilor organizeata in toamna ace [ ... ]

Legea mestesugurilor
01 Aug 2017 06:07 - Super User

Legea mestesugurilor a carui proiect a fost depus in parlament cu multa vreme inainte si a fost vota [ ... ]

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Welcome to Chamber of Craftsmen Satu Mare!

Chamber of Craftsmen is a judiciary person.

This association is created for unlimited time.

The seat of the association: str. Fragilor nr 1, Satu Mare. Phone: 0361-807159, phone/fax: 0261-710316, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Together we are stronger than each other!



POSDRU 134422
  • Pentru proiectul POSDRU/141/5.2/G/ ID 134422 Dezvoltarea Resurselor UMane in mediul rural din judetul Satu Mare – DRUM spre ocupare vizitati: http://drum.
POSDRU 88754
Our objectives


  • providing professional technical, economic, financial, legal counselling
  • market research information
  • organizing exhibitions and fares; organizing participation at fares and other national and international events


  • organizing seminars, courses of qualification and personnel development for adults
  • creating the appropriate conditions for business meetings, technology transfer, knowledge and experience sharing and other events


  • representation and protection of the interests of the craftsmen and traders and small businesses entrepreneurs in dealing with the authorities
  • strenghthening and maintenance of trustworthiness relying on basic values, like the fairness and honour of the present-day craftsmen
  • promoting cross border co-operation

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